Photos of Independence in years past

After the discontinuance of the Independence-Monmouth Railroad the lines were used by a small gas-powered unit called "The Peanut." It was used for passengers, cream and other freight.

The Independence Ferry ~ 1915.

George Skinner on his boat "Independence".

A Parade on Main St. going north ~ late 1880's. Building at left is Taylor's.

The Belt House at 2nd and "C" St. was Independence's first large hotel.

The K.C. Eldridge Creamery.

The domed building was used for athletics,  roller skating and theatrical events.
Formerly located between 5th and 6th Streets on "C" Independence.

Independence street scene in 1895; Main Street facing south.

Main Street in Independence taken in 1970. The angle,
facing south, is similar to the 1895 photo.